Amber’s Story

Please note that we no longer have a women’s rehab program.

My life was filled with drugs, alcohol and relationships. I had no stability and was always looking to escape reality.

I often found myself pushing away those that were close to me, and as a result people and jobs would come and go. I grew up not knowing my father. A lot of my pain and anger came from that sense of rejection, of not belonging and the questions of Why? Is it me?

I was in a serious relationship by the age of 13 and at that time thought I knew everything. I was drinking alcohol and using marijuana, ecstasy and methamphetamines. My life was a messed up rollercoaster. It changed again at 17 when I hit the road and started going out to clubs. By this point I was an emotional mess desperate for an escape. My drug use was on a daily basis and I couldn’t function without it. I couldn’t get out of bed without taking something it didn’t matter whether it was meth or weed. I would go from one house to another, until around the age of 20 when I moved back home with my mum. It was hard, but she tried her best to deal with my bad attitude and erratic and violent behaviour. I would often come in and out at all hours and sometimes I would sleep for 23 days – the outcome could have gone either way.

A friend confronted me with a question and instead of being honest about my situation I beat around the bush and lied. At this point things were really messed up, but that friend told me how he saw it. He said, Amber, who do you think you are? Do you enjoy being a puppet? I said no. He continued by saying Well, your actions say otherwise. You’re worth more than to waste your life doing this. Look at yourself. I broke down like never before. He said that if it had been anyone else he would have kicked them out; however there was something about me that he wanted to help. This is a prime example of the way the Lord uses people who are not Christian to speak into our lives, especially when its someone He knows we will listen to.

At this point reality hit, and I realised that the morals I thought I had left had just gone out the window. I felt my heart ripping apart because deep down I knew things weren’t right. Each minute of the day that went by was another part of my soul being given away.

The next morning I went home, I had sores all over my face and I was really unhealthy and sick. I finished the meth and locked myself in my room, picking my face, putting make-up on and taking it off. My mum was worried, but I couldn’t leave the false security of my room. Scattered didn’t even cut it – I had taken it to another level that night. After many hours I cried out, Help me, please. I cant do this anymore! I then gave the pipe I used to smoke meth to my mum so I wouldn’t use it anymore.

Within two weeks I found out about the 12 month Teen Challenge Living Free Program and knew it was what I needed. The journey has been tough, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. For me I knew that to give up the drugs was to give up the lifestyle and that’s exactly what needed to change.

I am currently on re-entry which is the next phase after the program, where you enter slowly back into the world. Looking back at things, God definitely had a hold on my life, and was bringing me back to Himself. My heart is for Jesus and helping people that have been in those places. Currently I’m studying a Certificate IV in Youth Work at Tabor Christian College, and also working at Lutheran Community Housing. I can definitely say now that Jesus is the One who saved me and delivered me from my addictions. He is still refining my life, and if it weren’t for Teen Challenge I would not be here today.

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