Building faith, building fences!

Teen Challenge SA relies heavily on donations within the church and the community. Please consider supporting us today for our winter 2021 appeal. All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Donate here.

Often when Teen Challenge SA writes to you, it is about ‘standing in the gap’, helping to build the wall. Today I am writing to you to ask you to help build a fence and plant a 10-metre verge of natural screening!

One of the many battles Teen Challenge SA faced to acquire the new Strathalbyn facility was objections raised by neighbours that having people recovering from drug, alcohol and substance addiction made them feel unsafe.

These concerns were, of course, based on a lack of knowledge and understanding of the important work that Teen Challenge SA does and the way that Teen Challenge SA does it. Too many TV crime shows depict people with addictions going cold turkey, being from a criminal background and definitely being socially dysfunctional.

The truth, of course, is that Teen Challenge SA students have made a decision to get their lives right and often find Jesus in the process – the path to freedom and a new life full of hope!

In order to overcome the neighbours’ fears, Teen Challenge SA agreed to install new fencing and plant a 10-metre verge. So, will you help us build a fence and plant some natural screening for the comfort of our neighbours?

This is a $40,000 project. That could be 1 person giving $40,000, 10 people giving $4,000, 40 people giving $1,000 or 200 people giving $200.

Are you one of the people who could stand in the gap with us to build? There is power in unity. Genesis 2:18 says, ‘one will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousand’. We are stronger together.

You may not have the time or capacity to volunteer with Teen Challenge SA, but you are still moved by lives that are touched and transformed by God through our work. You may, however, have the capacity to help us build the fence and plant!

This project will only happen with your generous financial support.

Please prayerfully go to our donation page to give securely online.

Graham Ross
Executive Director

P.S. Joshua faced many battles taking the Promised Land; thank you for standing with us.