How The Program Works

What to expect, what not to expect, what might surprise you.

Based on Christian principles, Living Free focuses on developing Christian character through teaching and mentorship to help equip the individual implement new strategies in their lives.

Clients attend a number of compulsory activities within the community including:

– cleaning
– gardening and maintenance
– cooking
– weekly housing meetings
– daily morning reflection and group devotional time
– church services
– weekly one-on-one counselling
– group and individual studies

We are also a complete abstinence program. This means we are a no-smoking program, but we offer Nicotine Replacement Therapy to our clients.

Our waiting times can vary so make sure to ask our Intake Coordinator about this when you make contact.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you or someone you know could be part of this program, contact us today.


Teen Challenge SA is our legal name and Living Free is our rehabilitation program and our core business.
Australian Christian Churches.
No, however we can refer you to Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA). Before coming into our program, you may need to spend some time in DASSA for a medical detox.
No. Our program is an abstinence-based program, which includes smoking.
Most prescribed medications are okay, however there are some prescribed medications that we do not allow (e.g. Methadone and its derivatives).
No, all we ask is that you have an open mind.
We assess each situation on a case-by-case basis – for further information please contact the Living Free administration.
Yes, we have staff and volunteers on-site at all times.
No. Our program is a live-in residential program, which becomes your home for the year. You cannot go off-site without a staff member with you.
Yes. You can make phone calls to friends and family members at allocated times during the week. On weekends, there is opportunity for people to come to the facility to visit you but this must be approved first. During the later stages of the program, you can have weekend passes where you can leave the facility for the weekend to spend time with loved ones.
To secure a spot in the program, there is a $500 processing fee which includes administration costs and ambulance cover.

The duration of the program is paid through your Centrelink pension. This fee includes board and lodging which covers things like food, medicine, counsellors, accommodation, utilities (electricity, gas, water), transportation, insurance, staffing and administration.