Will you rise to the challenge?

The 100&1 Club is a new Teen Challenge SA initiative raising money to help people overcome addiction.

It involves 100+ people raising $1,000 each (or more!) over 10 weeks.

The 100&1 Club members undertake self-directed activities as an individual or team that are challenging, enjoyable and fun, such as getting fit, cleaning out your shed, fitting back into your favourite jeans, learning guitar or walking 100 kilometres.

Club members register online and then receive a club member kit (cap, t-shirt, club booklet) to look the part.

Club members then reach out to family and friends and ask them to sponsor them as they undertake their challenges over the 10 weeks. They can post/upload their activities to their online profile page.

Club sponsor/donor contributions are also processed online, and the money raised goes towards student costs and keeping our Teen Challenge SA Living Free program up and running.

Here’s what some of our club members have been up to…

The TC Ultra

TC Ultra undertook a 70-kilometre ultramarathon beginning from Cape Jervis and finishing at the Bluff. The route follows the Heysen Trail and offers an intimate experience of some of South Australia’s most beautiful stretches of coastline.

‘With 2.5 kilometres of elevation and technical terrain to deal with, we knew that this would be a difficult and painful challenge’, says Matty, one of the men who did the challenge.

‘But the opportunity to do what we love for God’s glory and raise money for Teen Challenge SA is such a blessing and deep joy! By God’s grace, we completed the run in just over 12 hours. The Teen Challenge guys were at the finish line to bring us home! Thank you so much for supporting us in the TC Ultra’, he says.

The group exceeded their goal of raising $7,000 and, at the time of publishing, have fundraised $8,483!

What’s your challenge?

What challenge might you do for 10 weeks to help us help people of all ages break free from addiction in South Australia? Are you ready for a challenge?

Head to 100and1club.org.au to find out more!