A focus on mental health

This year’s Man Up Conference was held at The Club in Parafield Gardens on Saturday 16 March 2024.

The conference featured the teaching of Pastor Andrew Fleming, who was born in Adelaide but currently lives in the USA. His Transform program helps over 300 men every week, and he and his wife, Miriam, are senior pastors of Church Alive in New Jersey.

Teen Challenge SA staff and students learnt about the five main areas of life that men get stuck in their journey to becoming the men God created them to be. Pastor Andrew suggested strategies on how to go about addressing each of these areas one by one. Everyone came away with a determination that it was time to start winning again.

Staff at Teen Challenge SA also attended a mental health luncheon in April called Mental Mastery, hosted by the Australian Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) Foundation, with proceeds going to Teen Challenge SA.

Held at the Norwood Football Club, this event provided a platform to delve into men’s mental health. The lecture was led by Australian psychiatrist Dr James Hundertmark. The lecture centred on raising awareness, sharing valuable insights and contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding burnout and stress.

By joining together, the aim was to make a tangible impact in supporting mental wellbeing within the community and provide a supportive environment for discussion and education, fostering meaningful connections and promoting mental wellbeing. We hope to see many more in the future.