You got us over the line!

In the summer 2020 edition of our newsletter, we announced that Teen Challenge had been given a God-opportunity to purchase a new rehabilitation facility in Strathalbyn and that a major partner offered support of a low-interest loan of 1.2 million dollars to see this vision of a permanent home come into being.

We are pleased to report that we were able to sell an existing asset for $960,000. But we still had to raise $440,000 by 27 January, which was our designated settlement date on the property.

You, our supporters, rose to the challenge and raised a staggering $330,000, to which we say thank you to you and to God for this gift of provision for this special project we can now call home!

We here at Teen Challenge are bracing ourselves for when COVID dies down, as we are expecting the problems in our society of mental health and addiction to become much worse. We have only just moved into the new facility; now the real work in the kingdom begins!

We are absolutely confident about this because our beautiful new facility was prophesied about earlier in 2020, around the time that COVID began. A woman told us she saw a roadway, and on that roadway, she saw many lost sheep. At the end of the roadway, she saw a gate (‘narrow is the gate that leads to eternity’), and from the gate, she saw that it led into green pastures. At the end of the green pastures, she saw the Pool of Bethesda, a place of healing.

Her prophecy described our new facility to a tee!

We ask that you please continue to support us with your prayers and finances to help us through this season.

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