Our Promised Land

It didn’t quite take 40 years – although sometimes it felt like it – but our move to Strathalbyn has certainly yielded milk and honey – and alpacas, sheep, goats, turkey, geese, chickens, ducks and guinea fowl.

It was a mammoth job to pack up and move our entire rehab to Strathalbyn, but it was all worth it. The students, staff and volunteers worked tirelessly packing boxes, trailers, trucks and a shipping container ready for us to enter our Promised Land.

Then we waited, and waited and waited, until one Tuesday, as with Jericho, the trumpet sounded, and the shout went out (from Graham), ‘You’re moving on Thursday’. Our students, trailers, trucks, and shipping container were on the move. The blessing that was Norton Summit has become the blessing that is Strathalbyn.

From the first day, Strathalbyn felt like home, and a sense of excitement permeated around the place. It has been great watching the students enjoy and appreciate their new surroundings.

The Living Free program can be a tough year, but it can also mark the end of tougher years living in addiction. Our students have made the brave decision to face their addictions, and we’ve already seen how our new home is helping with this.

There is a greater sense of community as the surroundings lend themselves to healing and restoration. Whether we’re sitting around the open fire, watching the footy, enjoying the amazing meals from the new kitchen or having a hit of tennis, life at Strathalbyn is our Promised Land.

It has to be said that without the incredible foresight of Graham and our board, who faithfully prayed and sought God’s direction about moving to Strathalbyn, it may not have been realised; however, God always prevails!

Darren, Program Manager